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Passionate Transformational Life Coach

Hello Hello! I'm Candice, a Transformational Life Coach (TLC) in the Dale Halaway Coaching Network and Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA).

I can remember being in third grade wanting to be a teacher because I knew I wanted to teach and help people. I've been in the "in service" industry for the past 14 years providing behavior therapy, and working as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst for the last 8 years serving the population of children and adults diagnosed with Autism and other developmental disabilities.  My focus was on supporting children in reducing their maladaptive behaviors and acquiring skills that were socially valid for them and their family. One of my goals was teaching them to better adapt and engage with their environment which included a big part in teaching them how to better functionally communicate. Then two years ago, my passion and dedication to help people expanded to the area of transformation. 

My own transformational journey began 7 years ago when it seemed like many things in my life weren't working. I had discovered that a family member was taking advantage of me financially, I had ended a two year relationship as a result of my then boyfriend cheating on me, and my grandfather had passed away. All 3 of these events occurred in a span of 3 weeks. It was no surprise that I had my first vertigo episode where it took 7 days for the symptoms to fully go away. During those 7 days, I couldn't drive, or turn quickly without falling over, and had to walk slowly and in a straight line. Then one day, I started asking this question, "Is life supposed to be like this?" I began to challenge the idea that my life was going to stay like "this". I began to think there has to be more to life than "this". Three months later, I met someone who introduced me to my teacher Dale Halaway and my life coach. Ever since my 1st Dale Halaway seminar, I knew that my answer to the question I had asked was right here. I learned how much I was spinning out and not in my power by not setting healthy boundaries, not using my voice when it was time to speak up, and shutting down.    

Jump to 5 years later in working with Dale and attending TLC Coaching school, I began to realize that I wanted to help people who may be experiencing something similar to what I had gone through. Who wanted to understand and take control of their life instead of being controlled by their circumstances. It has been a journey with many ups and downs in learning who I truly am. Using my voice and knowing my skills, my worth, my super powers (and we all have one!), and although painful at times, I started to now feel more fulfilled in my life. Instead of feeling like I was in quick sand, slowly suffocating or just floating by life without really experiencing it, I started to really feel my feelings. I began to really feel the human experience. And so the question I posed, "Is life supposed to be like this?" It can be if you let it or it can be much more. It can be much more loving, more fulfilling, more joyful, and more blessed. 

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