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"I can truly say that my life has transformed in this year, and having Candice as my coach was essential to my continual progress and growth. Our sessions were so powerful and every single session with her was so impactful and aligned with where I was growing and transforming. 

Candice has mentored me through some of my most challenging times and helped me gain the confidence and courage to intuitively trust and follow my heart.  The biggest learning from Candice has been how trust myself and my own timings – to know when to step back and when to push forward, and let go of ever needing to know or control outcomes. 

Candice, you have truly and honestly changes my perspective. You have guided me to higher, lighter vibration. You have encouraged me to love all of me and to come face to face with the darkest of wounds. And not run. You helped me to bring out my true self and gave me thoughts and feelings, although the truth was not always easy to face. 

All of this has been the most liberating and joyful experience. We have shared many, many AHA moments. Thank you! For you have guided me back to love. In a world that I have searched high and low, I am very grateful." 


"Candice made me feel at ease and created a safe and trusting space for me to share my deepest thoughts and feelings.  After each session, I was able to see aspects of my life in a different perspective.  She is a great listener and always manage to help me navigate through my cluttered mind and find the root cause of my concerns.  In addition, she shared many great advices and techniques on how to better cope with my stress and anxiety.  Now, I feel more empowered to take charge of my life both personally and professionally."


After being in and out of therapy, trying different therapists over the years, and never being satisfied or seeing results, I sought coaching with Candice. I was at a point in my life where I just wasn't happy with the trajectory of my life and didn't know what to do about it. I recognized patterns that I was replaying on a weekly or monthly basis and felt like I was just along for the ride. I felt uncomfortable in my body, rushed, stressed, and scared. My emotions were "out of control" and I felt like a slave to my emotions on a daily basis.

During our coaching sessions Candice helped me develop a daily routine that was supportive of my growth. I liked having something concrete to do daily; this is something I never got from a therapist. The transcovery process helped me to access various parts of myself and dig deeper to discover my values and true desires in life. Candice helped me to find my voice and to better connect with my partner. Candice is supportive and holds you accountable in order to facilitate significant change. 

Candice has helped me to cope with my emotions and to become more aware of tightness or tension in my body. I am grateful to her for setting me up for success so that I can continue to grow and get closer to my true self. I have seen a significant and tangible change after working with Candice. I no longer feel like a slave to my emotions; I now have the tools to navigate my emotions in any situation. I am overall happier and my relationship has become one of increased communication and closeness with my partner.


What Some Are Saying About My Workshop


I thought it was really insightful, and easy to apply to my daily life.-NM

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